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Heidelberg, "die Stadt der Romantik" (the romantic city) is a town in Germany, located in the the Baden-Würtemburg Bundesland. It lies on the river Neckar, and the various parts of the town are joined by a number of bridges.
The Altstadt (Old Town) is the main tourist part. There, you will find the castle. You can walk up the many steps to castle and enter via the yard or via the gardens, or take a trip on the Bergbahn (Fernicular). Once on the castle grounds, you can wonder around the gardens, visit the Pharmacy museum or just look around the castle. From some places in the castle, you will get a lovely view over the rest of the city, mainly the Altstadt, but you will also see landmark buildings outside the Altstadt, such as SkyLounge cocktail bar, or the tower on Heiligenberg ("Holy mountain", the mountain opposite from the castle).
The Bergbahn doesn't only take you to the castle, it can also take you up to Koenigstuhl, where you will find a childrens "fairy tale playground", full of rides themed around fairy tales. From Koenigstuhl, you will also get a lovely view over the city.
Another exciting place to visit whilst in Heidelberg is the old student prison and the Alte Aula (Old Hall- part of the old University), and the Universitätsmuseum (University museum, also part of the old University). The wall art inside of the prison is fascinating, and so is the history of the University. From the windows just outside the Alte Aula, you will see Universitätsplatz (University square). The central point for the students of the town, as this is where the central "Mensa" (student cafeteria, what British students would call the 'Students Union') is located.
The Alte Brücke (old bridge), also located in the Altstadt, was once the only entrance into Heidelberg over the Neckar. Being "die Stadt der Romantik", an old myth is that if lovers kiss whilst standing on the Alte Brücke, their love will last forever, and they will be together forever. The Old Bridge is now one of the main tourist points. The thousands of tourists it attracts every year gather on the pedestrianised bridge to take photographs with the Neckar in the background, or the castle. They are also attract by the "Affen" (monkey) who guards the bridge. The monkey is a statue, made of brass. There are myths regarding this monkey, such as if you touch the plaque it holds, you will one day return to Heidelberg. And you will want to, as it is a truely beautiful city. There is a famous song about it: "Ich hab' mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren" (I lost my heart in Heidelberg), by Fred Raymond. And if you get to experience Heidelberg, you will definately loose your heart there.

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