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Welcome to Wonderful Wiki…

……a new simple wiki created by Adam Boutcher.

This is a wiki system that I am creating by hand in PHP, CSS, XHTML. It is for my Internet Software Articetures module for my Degree.


This site is not affiliated with Sunderland University in anyway nor is it actively maintained.
This site was a University project and has been kept online for demonstration purposes only; some parts may not work as intented.

NEW! To Wonderful Wiki…

New features that's recently been added.

The Wiki system now incorporates BBcode, HTML and a more WikiMedia style Markup. There is also now a star system that rates the user on how many articles and edits have been made. Finally, users can edit their user information and recover their information with a few simple clicks!

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There are many different types of shoes- heels, pumps, sandals, trainers, boots.
Heals come in dfferent sizes, there are kitten heels, mules, stiletto heals. Pumps are pretty standard and there isn't much variation on those, although they do come in many different colours, as with any type of shoes.
There are also different types of trainers. You can get sports trainers, and these also vary too. For example, you can get running trainers, football boots and astro-turf trainers. You can also get casual trainers, which aren't suitable for sports.
Boots also come with many variations- knee-high boots, ankle boots, boots with a heel (see above for more variations of heeled boots), boots without a heel and cowboy-style boots. They also come in different colours, though brown and black are the most common ones.
Sandals also vary- flip-flops, for example, are one type of sandal. You can also get sandals wtih a heel, flat sandals, strappy sandals, and the fashion at the moment is gladiator sandals- boot-like, and stappy.

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